The Process
Although the influencing part itself happens within seconds, the process behind it takes quite some time. You have the info, we have the connections. Lets get to work.


Understand the brand and find the best fit. Our sportive influencers go from sporadic to professionals.


We build a communcation plan across time and channels. Repetition and well placed visibilitiy is gold.


We are visibly invisible by being spontaneously creative. We’re talking influencing here, not ad-placement


We take over the creative production. As we have the secret contacts, it’s best we do this in-house!

In order to be effective, your communication must be cross-platform and over multiple media channels

Multi-Platform Communication
The instagram feed is now the best marketing tool available for social media marketing. Find ways to get involved, ways to share more then expected, and the followers will do the necessary.
Twitter is a king that will not be unthroned anytime soon. King of media, king of updates and king of staying aware. Limited characters make for strong messages!
Always in the foreground but no longer. Facebook is losing its main Social media value but stays very relevant for the older target audience. The kids have moved on, but facebook is here to stay.
First on the scene, last to leave. Snapchat give you the behind the scenes information. The images you can only see once. Everyone wants to be on board, Snapchat stories are a blessing for Social media marketing.
Alhough youtube isn't instantly seen as direct social media, we believe it is. Youtube is a bit more serious then the instant media as it tracks the uploads and history. There were snapchat fails, youtube is available.
Reddit is an internet based forum where many people communicate, discuss, inform and discover new information. This is not only though social media but a collection of all possible sources.
Drop Us A Line
If you think we could be of value, pick up contact and let’s find out. Just send us a quick email or give us a call, it only costs you a few minutes of your time. We speak English, French, Dutch and Spanish.