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Marketing has walked a long road. True advertising power is back in the hands of the people. Influencers are role models through the screens of social media. FluentInSports creates the link between sportive influencers and brands. We have that secret phone number and help you find commercial value in their following.
and Identity

We want to get to know your brand first. Your brand identity must match the influencers lifestyle and their social following.  Then we can start.


Repetition is important. Influencing happens on multiple channels and across several platforms. Finding a good fit for your brand and target audience is key.

and Metrics

We find a sportive fit and provide you with a rational, research and metrics on all levels. The goal is to find the correct path, not a one-hit wonder.

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We don’t do deals
We form networks

FluentInSports is the door to a social network of professional athletes and sportive influencers. It is about having the right connections and the phone numbers nobody else has. We can help you open the door and get in touch with the most known professional athletes. Our experience in social media marketing, working at creative agencies, mixed with the right connections makes us the ideal party to get in touch with.

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Organic Influencers

We only work with pure influencers who have grown their following organically. Buying followers means you don’t work with us. You can count on accurate social media metrics when choosing influencers. These social champions act as lifestyle influencers.

Professional Athletes

Our core business lies with Professional Athletes who act as prime role models. These athletes carry a great responsibility and are keen to work with brands who have the same vision. Our sportive influencers are the cream of the crop. We help make the link and create win-win scenarios. Use our network capabilities to find the right sportive influencers.

Traditional Ads, both below and above the line, have lost their steam. Whilst the older generation notices these ads everywhere, the new generation chooses to ignore them. Ads are just another colourful square on the side of your screen. This new generation likes to care, share, and became aware of its influence on others.

Social Media; be it Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope or any other form of sharing is the present and the future. Instagram stories, Snapchat feeds, every form of social interaction can be seen as an opportunity for influencing. Pick and choose, plan and produce, with us you can make your brand reach new grounds.

Instagram Stories 70%
Snapchat 60%
Twitter 45%
Youtube 35%
Instagram Feed 35%
Facebook 25%
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